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  • Unique cinematic granular timbres
  • Tailored modulation with precise control of intensity and timing
  • Drag and drop your own samples for one of a kind sounds

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STRAYLIGHT delivers screen-ready cinematic sound sources without the need for additional processing – letting you concentrate on creativity, even when time is tight. We spent a lot of time testing sources and playing techniques, looking for the best and most interesting sounds for the granular engine – such as rubbing a rubber ball on glass. The result is over 360 unique matched sound sources for the granular and sample modules, with over 300 presets.
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STRAYLIGHT has a bespoke granular engine that places the source audio into a powerful and specialized – yet easy-to-use – interface. Harness lush, organic timbres that can defy time and pitch, yet still retain the pristine character of the source sounds (strings, glass, stone, membranes, even your own samples, and more), and sonically evolve over time (risers and transitions can adapt automatically to project tempo).

Small sounds can be vastly magnified in size and scope without sacrificing their sound quality or character. The granular engine is then paired with a layer from the sample module, offering the same level of editing and modulation.

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STRAYLIGHT’s modulation and effects sections ensure a fast, creative workflow. The precise X-Y control enables expressive direct-to-picture performance and detailed control over intensity and timing. Apply and modulate up to 14 different effects – taken from nine different categories: Filters, dynamics, EQs, gaters, drivers, modulation, delays, utilities, and reverbs, as well as the renowned chorus, flanger, and phaser effects from MOD PACK. STRAYLIGHT even includes specially captured reverb impulse responses, selected to complement its audio content and granular engine.

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STRAYLIGHT was built in collaboration with Frank Elting and The most human colors, a boutique instrument and sound design agency. The instrument was also developed in consultation with composer Paul Haslinger (Underworld, Minority Report, Fear The Walking Dead, Rainbow Six: Siege).

Here we talk to Paul about his approach to composing for film, TV, and video games, and how he drew on this experience to help us design STRAYLIGHT:

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