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  • Capture the candor and emotion of the human voice to build tension, transitions, and waves of intensity.
  • Draw from over 800 specially-recorded sound sources from 45 hours of choir recording sessions, built into over 600 playable layers.
  • Control the emotional impact of complex atmospheres, or build clusters and chords from tonally-playable notes.
Trailer (Uncut): MYSTERIA performance
MYSTERIA audio demos & presets


The X-Y control forms the centerpiece of MYSTERIA. While the X axis morphs between the sound sources, the Y axis increases the emotional intensity, depending on the sounds you’re using. It means creating everything from continuously evolving atmospheres, to quick bursts of energy, intimate vocal shifts, and epic, building walls of sound, can be done with a single intuitive control.
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Atmospheres are evolving textures which can be used to develop shifts in intensity and emotion. Play through over 350, carefully-designed master presets, or dive into the details and create custom layers piece by piece from over 800 individual sound sources. Blend, modulate, and tune them to the mood you need, then jump back into performance mode for live control and straight-to-picture scoring. Adjust the way sounds blend and layer for full control over how they develop, or use the randomizer for a more explorative approach to finding the perfect mood.
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The cluster designer is an in-depth tool for granular control over voices in a tonally-playable cluster. Change the way certain sounds build, melodically shift, and evolve using the X-Y pad, or even build chords and musical groupings for an additional layer of expression. Choose from editable presets, or build your own from scratch with up to eight voices that can be individually tuned and panned. The three modes of playing them – Glide, Add-on, and Parallel – each treat the cluster in a different way for different sonic effects.
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Take a step-by-step look at MYSTERIA and how it works – from the basic concepts behind the instrument, to diving deeper into creating and controlling sounds. Creator Uli Baronowsky shows you everything it can do as he deconstructs his soundtrack to the MYSTERIA trailer.

Walkthrough: Explore MYSTERIA with creator Uli Baronowsky
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MYSTERIA was produced in collaboration with Galaxy Instruments. Founder Uli Baronowsky and his team have previously partnered in the creation of THRILL, UNA CORDA, RISE & HIT, NOIRE, THE GIANT, and THE DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION.
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