Native Instruments has introduced a new Colors engine-powered instrument library for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player.

With over 19 GB of eclectic, double-tracked samples that entwine the electronic and organic, Vocal Colors features vocal-specific additions such as formant shift, vibrato, and breath controls, additional male subharmonics and blendable vowel sounds.

Combining a vast range of vocal expressions with an innovative engine, VOCAL COLORS explores the synergy between speech and synthesis. Breathe motion, dynamics, and feeling into your music with inventive sounds that push the boundaries of the voice. From cinematic compositions to forward-thinking pop productions, VOCAL COLORS delivers hypnotic hues for igniting the initial spark or finessing your final brushstrokes.

Fluid, dynamic, and uniquely personal, the voice stands at the forefront of emotive instruments. From gentle whispers to passionate shouts, VOCAL COLORS lets you shape and blend both male and female voices that have been pushed to their performative limits. Humanize electronic parts with a varied collection of vocal expressions that can be warped into evolving pads, basses, pulses, and grooves that strike balance between ultramodern and naturalistic.

The instrument includes over 250 snapshots, and you can sculpt your sounds from scratch with an array of layerable boutique samples.

Vocal Colors is on sale for the intro price of 149 USD/EUR until June 12th, 2023 (regular 199 USD/EUR). A bundle with Piano Colors is priced 249 USD/EUR during the promotion.

More information: Native Instruments / Vocal Colors

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