The 25th Hour Vol 1


The 25th Hour (real name Andrew Gowie) is a GRAMMY-nominated multi-instrumental artist and producer who’s worked with Drake (on “Emotionless”) and K. Forest, among others.

About this pack, Gowie shared, “This pack is the culmination of sessions and ideas I’ve been a part of from around the world. From sessions back home in Toronto, studios in LA, Berlin, London. Inspiration from trips of reflection, from South Africa to Italy to Costa Rica. I think it translated to the ideas being versatile. I took inspiration from cultures close to me. My European-Jamaican heritage.”

He added, “The Concept for this pack is to reinterpret some of the fundamental hardware and organic sounds of early electronic genres and the music it was sampled from (Detroit acid, garage, deep house, French house, Afrobeat). How elements from R&B, soul, break beats, funk, disco, dub were sampled and reformed to create new genres, from the creation of the first at home synthesizers and samplers.

I recreated the vibe of sampling with original compositions and sounds. I wanted to create a dirty warm palette of sounds that would have an off the mpc3000, sp12, reel-to-reel tape and tube saturation aesthetic while keeping the sounds timeless enough to be used in a variety of genres.

I want this to inspire creativity. The way that a house record gets sampled into the biggest hip hop record one day, and the next the biggest pop artists are collaborating with the biggest hip hop producers. Genres are blurred more than ever. I hope this collection of music represents that. A soundtrack of ideas the way were all intertwined in the city.”





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