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Are you designing or coding up a website, film, animation, game or digital product and need sounds custom designed for your menus, layouts and Fx?

Loopmasters are proud to present Silicon Sounds; the digital media, audio and web design sonic construction kit. This unique sample collection is a one stop shop for digital creators, animators and video editors and anyone needing royalty free multimedia sounds to apply to  their creative projects.

Using vintage synths and analogue circuitry we have created a collection of sounds that work perfectly together to create a more organic feel across your application. Each sound has been compressed, normalised and processed for subtle impact on laptops headphones and speaker systems in accordance with digital standards.

Whether you need clicks and glitches for menus and page scrolls, alerts, roll overs, error noises, rotation sounds, background atmospheres or confirmation fx – Silicon sounds is the perfect sound pack for you.

The pack includes the following sound groups:
– Alert Sounds – unobtrusive sounds to get your users attention
– Audio beds – background sounds, Button Presses – tones and beeps to convey engaging a feature
– Confirmation Arpeggios – short sequence’s of notes suggesting job done or approval
– End Session – tie up or conclude sounds
– Flicking Over Files – when your screen or tablet scrolls through and speeds up and slows down during file selection
– FX Fun sounds – for leftfield moments
– Landing Chords – from lush pads to orchestral stabs
– Marimbas and Kalimbas – the friendliest African percussion instrument and a web favourite for multiple applications
– Movement – animated sounds conveying bursts of energy ready for your use
– Roll Over Clicks – hovering over live features
– Rotate nd Flip – for animated flipping screens
– Single Tones – a collection of bleeps ready for application
– Wipes – scroll up/down, screen moves left/right, zoom in/out

In Detail expect to find 150Mb of 24Bit Quality samples including, 15 Alerts, 13 Button Presses, 7 Audio Beds, 21 Confirmation Arps, 7 End Session Sounds, 14 Error Noises, 9 Flicking Over Rolodex Hits, 25 SFX, 12 Landing Chords, 26 Marimba/Kalimba Sounds, 18 Movement Hits, 24 Rollovers, 6 Rotate Sounds, 44 Single Tones and 11 Wipe FX.

The license terms of this pack go beyond other pro sample packs and has been customised for this product allowing original purchasers of this product to use the sounds in isolation and in games and on websites and in all manner of digital content, making Silicon Sounds a unique and extremely versatile product.

When you need unobtrusive, on-point, minimal and timeless sophisticated sounds that enhance the user experience well look no further and sample Silicon Sounds!

Tech Specs:
– 150Mb
– 24Bit Quality
– 15 Alerts
– 13 Button Presses
– 7 Audio Beds
– 21 Confirmation Arps
– 7 End Session Sounds
– 14 Error Noises
– 9 Flicking Over Rolodex Hits
– 25 SFX
– 12 Landing Chords
– 26 Marimba/Kalimba Sounds
– 18 Movement Hits
– 24 Rollovers
– 6 Rotate Sounds
– 44 Single Tones
– 11 Wipe FX

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