Michael Schack: Hybrid Beats Session


‘Michael Schack: Hybrid Beats Session’ is perfect if you are looking for next level beats to inject into your music, with maximum programming flexibility and a human feel from a drummer who knows the scene and is like a human metronome. Michael Schack is a fantastically tight and versatile drummer who plays with many artists throughout the years but is currently the main rhythm machine behind Hospital Records’ Netsky Live show. 

Anyone who has seen Netsky live will verify that this guy is a human beat machine that performs his blistering breakbeats and rock solid grooves with effortless perfection, and here he has recorded a huge amount of grooves, hits and midi files enabling producers worldwide to capture the essence of what has made him one of the most in demand drummers within Dance music circles.

All loops and grooves have been played on various selections of acoustic drums enhanced with V-Drums triggering technology, and he covers styles including Drum & Bass, Dubstep and all forms of Breakbeat. Schack has provided 11 full drum kit combinations and alongside the main grooves you also get tom beats, swing beats, shuffle beats and various broken down versions for maximum flexibility in your productions.

You’ll find 488 MIDI Files included with the pack, one for every loop – meaning that you can easily switch drum kits or sounds, edit the programming and get that human feel to your beats and add your own signature rolls etc within the programming.

In detail, ‘Michael Schack: Hybrid Beats Session’ weighs in at 1.7 GB of content, featuring 488 loops between 90 and 178 BPM, with 98 One-Shot drum samples also included.

Technical Specifications:

• 24-Bit Quality

• 1.70 GB

• 18 Complete Drum Tracks including Break, Variations, Intros, Fills & Endings

• 3 Drum Tracks – 90 BPM

• 30 Drum Tracks – 92 BPM

• 5 Drum Tracks – 100 BPM

• 12 Drum Tracks – 120 BPM

• 19 Drum Tracks – 128 BPM

• 73 Drum Tracks – 140 BPM

• 35 Drum Tracks – 142 BPM

• 11 Drum Tracks – 150 BPM

• 24 Drum Tracks – 155 BPM

• 81 Drum Tracks – 165 BPM

• 41 Drum Tracks – 170 BPM

• 55 Drum Tracks – 173 BPM

• 62 Drum Tracks – 174 BPM

• 9 Drum Tracks – 175 BPM

• 28 Drum Tracks – 178 BPM

• 98 Drum Hits

• 521 REX2 Files

• 488 MIDI Files

• 11 Soft Sampler Patches for NN-XT, Halion, EXS24, Halion and Kontakt


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