Native Instruments – Massive X + Expansion Bundle 2023

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Tech Specs 

  • Software Type: Synthesizer
  • Platform: Mac, PC
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed: Download
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format: AU,VST, VST3, NKS
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac: Intel Core i5 or higher, 4GB RAM
  • OS Requirements – Mac:macOS 10.12 or later, M1 & M2
  • System Requirements:  Windows 7, 8, 10,11 (64-bit)
  • OS Requirements – Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 6 GB RAM

Apple Silicon Natively  MAC OS Intel Supported Instant Digital Download



  • Immaculate sound and complete sonic freedom for advanced sound design
  • Create with a new level of dynamic, shifting sound, with truly flexible routing and extensive modulation
  • Based on the DNA of MASSIVE, built for a new decade and designed to evolve

img ce massive x productpage 01 intro 06 479350600017b3c9b8e3438934cf442f [[display]]


From dancefloor to deep, soundscapes to sublime, each Expansion is curated toward a certain sound or vibe. Explore each and hear them in action below.

img ce msx expansion drop 5 lto product page 03a update 07 2022 795ff21889cefcb58b7a6c6c2334ba7d [[display]]


Build action-packed blockbuster scores, sinister sci-fi soundtracks, and everything in between with the cinematic sounds of KINO. Explore 150 presets of glitching textures, eerie drones, unnerving rises, and dramatic sound effects to spark suspense, curiosity, and tension.

img ce msx expansion drop 5 lto product page 03b update 07 2022 daa3bac1270b3679a9acb93e8f05a8c8 [[display]]


Loaded with 150 presets of pure rave energy, WAKE isn’t one to be slept on. From screeching synth leads, chaotic arpeggios, apocalyptic impacts, and fierce subs, craft catastrophic tracks that have you lose yourself in the darker side of rave music.

img ce msx expansion drop 5 lto product page 03c update 07 2022 dde26de3f68893cd35904b204a81e133 [[display]]


Morphing between lush, shimmering soundscapes and dark, mysterious moods – FADE brings the ambience. Discover 150 presets of ethereal pads, evolving atmospheres, and fluttering arpeggios for immersive, reverb-soaked sounds that evoke emotions.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03a charge 13e54a0766d3563944c85a50d821f9dc [[display]]


Craft anthemic and festival-ready EDM tracks with the electrifying synth leads and shocking sequences of CHARGE. Power up your sound with 150 tweakable MASSIVE X presets, to create infectious melodies and contemporary hooks that hit hard from the studio to the stage.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03b beam 3c38f1d80db6cb6906b8559ad460bd48 [[display]]


BEAM comes ready to create, with 150 presets of hypnotic textures, pulsing pads, and ambient atmospheres to shine through your electronic tracks. Craft captivating standalone parts, or use in perfect harmony with CHARGE and BUMP, for immersive EDM sounds.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03c bump 98cfe330d48a9732c61eb830e111f4be [[display]]


Loaded with 150 rave-ready rumbles, subs, swells and pulses, BUMP gets things moving – from the cones in your speakers to festival crowds. Combine BUMP’s unforgiving presets with the new Bass Enhancer insert effect for larger-than-life low-end that’s perfect for EDM basslines.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03d haze 4822f535c8617c2787e6e5f25cdb160f [[display]]


There’s no fire without smoke. Weave through 150 misty melodic leads, nebulous pads, and stratospheric sounds. HAZE hits the spot with cloudy trap, drill, and grime hooks. Morph between synth flavors with custom blend macros on many presets, and tweak things further for trippy, twisted heat.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03e quest 691382ab526980649a6ada84ea0e4c2f [[display]]


Glowing vintage polysynth sounds, buttery pads, and warm bass bring essential 90s and 2000s vibes to MASSIVE X. From filtered leads to anthemic organs, plucks, arps, and keys, explore melodic R&B flavors as well as classic sounds from the golden era of hip hop.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03f bounce 780abd2491c9a3f752db1e83bae889e1 [[display]]


BOUNCE packs 150 one-shot style sounds that cover everything from heavy-hitting kicks and 808s to essential trap percussion, dusty old-school sounds, energetic risers, and lots more. From UK drill to West Coast styles, reggaeton rhythms to banging afrobeat – you’ll find it here.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03g mechanix 789a0c286924398187b5af36f86b9230 [[display]]


Combine the instinctive movement of body and sweat with the caustic textures of concrete and steel, and the result is MECHANIX. Crunchy, staccato basslines do battle with guttural synths and abrasive rhythms to create a feverish aesthetic. Built for dark rooms and long nights, these industrial, EBM presets are a workout for speakers and limbs.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03h drive 913f659f1b028ec521755d5cd5658a31 [[display]]


Slick and seductive, these retro-futurist sounds combine glittering vibrancy with vaporwave and modern synth pop. With 150 presets combining phase modulation, wavetable and subtractive synthesis methods, DRIVE creates a neon-lit soundscape of hazy leads, arpeggios and pads, the perfect backdrop for late night drives with the top down.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03i moebius a1afad1073ebe7ad8b1e63abcb2803cb [[display]]


Rhythmic and melodic – MOEBIUS contains 150 looping presets, tailor-made for the mysterious margins of experimental electronica. Twisting clicks and chirps layer together to create a brain-scrambling array of digital patterns. Using the Performer and other synced modulation sources, these rippling sounds can be endlessly tweaked and morphed for uniquely tangled rhythms and textures.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03j pulse f0f410c4aea908ab294e99260d757628 [[display]]


It’s called PULSE for a reason. Get the floor shaking with deep-sea subs, corrosive and distorted lines, talkative formants, and futuristic takes on low-end classics. Hollow, wobbling subs have an added twist, organic analog-inspired rumbles inject some vintage vices, and mechanical, physical-modelling style sounds make for truly distinctive bass.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03k rush 95fca721b247ba287e57ed0c7a013f2e [[display]]


150 peak-time presets built for serious, melodic front-left fun. Low-end patches cover everything from aggressive EDM and acid, to IDM and bass music. Distinctive and tweakable leads take care of melody, and clever Performer programming makes for dancefloor-ready sounds that’ll make you move. Rush is all about euphoric melodies, building tension, and high-octane atmosphere.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03l scene e43dd6c95f1ef60c36d704e725a88224 [[display]]


Ambient, magical, dark, and arcane – SCENE contains 150 presets for immersive atmospheres and evolving soundscapes. Sequenced, multitimbral, and complex, expect sounds that are as suited to avant-garde scoring as they are to off-kilter electronic music and SFX creation. Each is equipped with clever macro mapping for sound sculpting within a single patch.

img ce massive x expansions product page 03m our house c3985aab3a0fe1621e2ae609d06988da [[display]]


150 presets of pure house vibes covering everything from prophetic organs to acid lines; high-energy stabs to sequenced trickery. An homage to long nights and euphoric dancefloor vibes for bringing the energy all evening long.

Operating System

MAC OS, Windows OS


Native Instruments

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