Beat Batter – Original 3 Bundle Pack WAV


Drums From The Crypt is a collection of drum samples embodying the analog warmth of the 70’s x, grungy 60s textures and dirty vintage tones. With this kit, we push the boundaries of what’s possible, experimenting with different textures to capture natural reverb and depth across multiple individual frames. One such place is the old abandoned zoo habitats in Los Angeles. Weird and unique loops combined with dirty psychedelic vintage textures are what make “Drums From The Crypt” original.

Mutant Drums Vol.1 is a collection of 247 original drum samples consisting of loops/breaks and singles. Experimentation was a key ingredient and goal in creating this kit. The drum breaks more sharply. One shot with great character. Equipment such as a 1970s reel-to-reel tape recorder, an old multi-track cassette deck, and vintage external equipment to richen and enhance sonic presence. The highlight of the process was capturing the natural atmosphere of a banyan tree cave while recording the percussion loops. Layering natural textures, vocal chants and other unusual elements to help spark ideas. Giving drums their own world to live in is what we strive for with every kit. We hope you find inspiration in Mutant Drums Vol.1!

Drums After Dark is a collection of 266 original drum sounds and loops inspired by the retro drum machine era of the 80s and combined with modern music. Whether it’s kung fu slaps recorded from VHS tape to create unique snares, or exotic percussion loops recorded on multi-track cassettes from the 90s, each one shot and loop was created with the intent to break the average formula and push the creative boundaries. The most modern equipment was used to complete the set, giving each sound its own unique character and richness. This kit is a great addition to every music producer’s toolbox.


*Drums From The Crypt:
51 Drum Loops
40 Percussion Loops
28 Kicks
38 Snares
10 Claps
6 Rimshots
36 Percussion
20 Hi Hats
12 Drum Fills
9 Vox
11 Fx

*Mutant Drums Vol. 1:
41 Drum Loops/Breaks
43 Percussion Loops
25 Kicks
30 Snares
10 Claps
12 Rimshots
34 Percussion
20 Hi Hats
12 Drum Fills
10 Vox
10 Fx

*Drums After Dark:
41 Drum Loops
45 Percussion Loops
30 Kicks
35 Snares
15 Claps
10 Rimshots
35 Percussion
21 Hi Hats
12 Drum Fills
10 Vox
12 Fx


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