LA Scoring Strings 3

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LA Scoring Strings 3 reinvents our renowned classic string library, integrating it seamlessly into our new orchestral engine with a host of new features.

LASS 3’s instrumentation:

  • 16 Violins recorded in 3 divisis (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
  • 16 Violins II recorded in 3 divisis (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)*
  • 12 Violas recorded in 3 divisis (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
  • 10 Cellos recorded in 3 divisis (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
  • 8 Basses recorded in 3 divisis (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
  • First Chair violin, viola, cello, and bass

*Violins II samples are borrowed from the Violins I but shifted so as to not cause any phasing when layering.

Here is a partial list of new features to LASS 3:

  • Now has “Look Ahead” – saving you from tedious MIDI nudging
  • Newly remapped and integrated into our new orchestral engine
  • Now includes Legato Sordino (previously an optional addition)
  • Greater Legato range and flexibility (more exposed transitions for cleaner Legatos)
  • Independent real-time control of Legato, Portamento, and Glissando speeds
  • All section divisis integrated on the same patch (no more need for multis)
  • Integrated polyphonic Legato (no more need for multis)
  • Integrated Stage and Color profiles (no more need for multis)
  • Same note rebow – integrated into new patches and auto divisi aware
LASS 3 User Interface
LASS 3 User Interface

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LASS is our famous original 60-piece multi-instrument divisi string library, painstakingly developed by recording three different divisi sections (¼ + ¼ + ½ section at a time) on a trusted scoring stage, for unprecedented individual control of each section. We have also recorded First Chair players so you can layer them with the sections or use them as soloists. From the delicate tones of a divisi section playing Sustains and beautiful Legatos, to the power of Staccatos and Spiccatos and everything in between, LA Scoring Strings 3 captures the broad expressive range and diversity of the orchestral string family while providing the flexibility to create smaller intimate section sounds. Pristine recordings and meticulous editing ensure every note of your music will shine.COMPARE LASS 3 TO MSS

Smaller Divisis and Ease of Use

One of LASS’s biggest assets is its divisi section sizes. Having three divisis per section divided into ¼ + ¼ + ½ combined with the First Chairs gives you more control over section size than your typical string libraries.  Our engine automatically balances your chords to the divisi sections giving you a balanced sound that avoids the dreaded “sample buildup sound” so common in other libraries.

Need an intimate and smaller sound? Choose from one of the three divisis that best suits your needs. Want a medium-sized section? Only layer two of the divisis. Want the full section? Engage all three divisi (this is the way the patches load by default). Of course, then you can layer the First Chairs (FC) to add that extra chiseled detail to your sections.

LASS3 Orchestra Strings Seating Lg reduc
Violin 1 FC: 1 player Viola FC: 1 player Cello FC: 1 player Bass FC: 1 player
Violins 1A: 4 players Violas A: 3 players Cellos A: 3 players Basses A: 2 players
Violins 1B: 4 players Violas B: 3 players Cellos B: 3 players Basses B: 2 players
Violins 1C: 8 players Violas C: 6 players Cellos C: 4 players Basses C: 4 players

* Violins 2 players are derived from the same sample pool as Violins 1, except we programmed them to not phase when played with Violins 1


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