Arturia FX Collection 3 Plug-in Bundle

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System Requirements:

  • Apple Silicon & Intel Supported
  • Lifetime Activation & Access To Download
  • Future Free Updates
  • Full Version
  • Instant Download
  • Mac: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor or higher, 8GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – Mac: OS 10.13 or later(M1 & M2 Mac Supported)
  • Hardware Requirements – PC:2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor or higher, 8GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – PC: Windows 10 & 11
  • VST2, VST3, AU

Apple Silicon Natively MAC OS Intel Supported Windows OSInstant Digital Download


What’s new in FX Collection 3…

  • 4 brand-new effects: Dist Opamp-21, Dist Tube-Culture, Efx Fragments, and Tape Mello-Fi
  • New A/B tool for fast comparisons of different settings, presets, etc.
  • An updated user interface with lower load times and a streamlined preset browser
  • Apple M1 processor compatibility
  • Oversampling modes in Dist Opamp-21 and Dist Tube-Culture
  • All paired with classic Arturia effects and features
750 FXColl3
750 FXColl3

Meet the new effects

  • Dist Tube-Culture: modernized valve saturation at your fingertips; packed with harmonic life and additional option for oversampling
  • Dist Opamp-21: rich audio saturation inspired by a classic “go direct” guitar pedal; fuses rich harmonics with high-gain crunch and an additional option for oversampling
  • Efx Fragments: ultra-modern texture fragments like glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, and more with powerful granular processing featuring a high degree of customization options
  • Tape Mello-Fi: get vintage tape-aged warmth and nostalgic textures fast; this versatile effect features preamp, modulation, and filter/output controls for customizable lo-fi vibes

Masterful bus FX

Put a final polish on stereo stems and your full mix with Arturia’s triple-threat of bus FX: Bus Force, Comp Diode-609, and EQ Sitral-609.

  • Bus Force: Arturia-original parallel processor, featuring discrete filter, EQ, compressor, and saturation modules
  • Comp Diode-609: faithful emulation of a legendary bus compressor with a crunchy, vintage character
  • EQ Sitral-609: musical stereo EQ based on a renowned 1970s broadcast console
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Powerful Modulation

Modulation effects can take your tracks from bland to bodacious, and the Arturia FX Collection has four formidable modulators on tap: Chorus Dimension-D, Phaser Bi-Tron, Flanger BL-20, and Chorus Jun-20.

  • Chorus Dimension-D: warm BBD-style chorus with a simple 4-mode operation
  • Phaser Bi-Tron: definitive dual phaser guitar pedal with advanced routing features
  • Flanger BL-20: otherworldly modulator modeled on a cult classic rackmount flanger
  • Chorus Jun-20: ultra-lush chorus from an iconic 80s analog synth

Spatial reverbs

Reverb effects are vital for giving your mix a sense of space, in addition to being an integral ingredient for ambient sound design. The Arturia FX Collection brings you three vibey reverb effects: the vintage-inspired Rev Plate-140 and Rev Spring-636, and the ultra-modern Rev Intensity.

  • Rev Plate-140: the smooth, rich sound of a 1970s studio-staple plate reverb
  • Rev Spring-636: vibrant spring reverb inspired by a 1960s unit favored by Pete Townsend and Lee “Scratch” Perry
  • Rev Intensity: innovative modern reverb for experimental music makers and sound designers
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Contemporary and classic delays

From subtle slaps to swirling washes of ping-ponging repeats, Arturia’s Delay Eternity, Delay Tape-201, and Delay Memory-Brigade offer a full arsenal of echo effects.

  • Delay Eternity: creative, versatile, and feature-rich contemporary delay for advanced sound design
  • Delay Tape-201: gritty and atmospheric tape-style delay with multiple preamp options
  • Delay Memory-Brigade: dark, modulated stereo delay, featuring an envelope follower, assignable LFO, and ping-pong mode

Essential filters

The Arturia FX Collection empowers you to shape any sound source with three feature-packed filter sections modeled from three celebrated synthesizers: the Filter Mini, Filter Sem, and Filter M12.

  • Filter Mini: the world’s most famous 24dB per octave ladder-diode filter
  • Filter Sem: coveted multimode filter with 16-step gate sequencer and noise oscillator
  • Filter M12: groundbreaking 1980s filter module, boasting 15 distinct filter modes
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Compressor classics

Control your dynamics and add some old-school character with Arturia’s impeccably modeled trifecta of compressors: the Comp FET-76, Comp VCA-65, and Comp Tube-STA.

  • Comp FET-76: stunning emulation of the ubiquitous workhorse studio compressor
  • Comp VCA-65: accurate reproduction of a famous voltage-controlled compressor design
  • Comp Tube-STA: creamy, transparent tube-style compression for larger-than-life vocals, bass, and drums

Analog preamps

Analog console preamps are treasured for their ability to impart recordings with subtle harmonic saturation, enhanced mid-range punch, and thick, focused low end. The Arturia FX Collection delivers three sonic marvels based on revered studio classics.

  • Pre V76: the sound of an iconic vintage tube console with an unmistakable tone and germanium EQ
  • Pre TridA: splendid, musical EQ and the rich, full A Range tone, along with intuitive control
  • Pre 1973: characterful mic preamplification and punchy “British” inductor EQ
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750 FXColl3

Arturia FX Collection 3 Features:

  • Collection of 26 versatile audio production plug-ins
  • Blends emulations of classic studio hardware with modern digital effects for a variety of options and tools
  • Effects include saturation, granular, mix bus, modulation, compression, delay, reverb, preamps, filters, and more
  • 4 brand-new effects in this collection: Dist Opamp-21, Dist Tube-Culture, Efx Fragments, and Tape Mello-Fi
  • 250+ presets for jumpstarting creativity with tried-and-true effects
  • New oversampling modes in Dist Opamp-21 and Dist Tube-Culture for immaculate sample captures
  • New A/B tool for fast comparisons of different settings and presets
  • A new user interface keeps load times low and browsing presets easier than ever before
  • Built-in tutorial and tips for shrinking the software learning curve
  • Map parameters to your favorite MIDI controller for more hands-on tweaking
  • FX Collection 3 is NKS-ready and optimized for Apple M1 processors
  • Standalone, VST, AAX, AU, NKS
  • Compatible with most major DAWs
  • Up to 5 computer authorizations per purchase
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